Artists' Books
ARTISTS' BOOKS – a summer exhibition
on the Island of Harakka, Helsinki
August 10–30, 2015 | open daily 12-18

The artists with studios on Harakka Island off the coast of Southern Helsinki are exhibiting a variety of artists' books this year – the ”livres d'artistes”. In the soft light of an old Telegraph Cottage you will find 21 unique works by 21 artists representing several different fields of art including textile art, painting, photography, sculpture and poetry. This little library of artists' books is a delightful reflection of the versatility of Harakka artists with their varied backgrounds.
The artists are: Sirkku Ala-Harja, Annette Arlander, Aino Favén, Kalle Haapala, Olof Kangas, Annu Kekäläinen, Osmo Kivimäki, Elina Koskimies, Anni Leppälä, Pekka Luhta, Kristiina Lähde, Päivi Maunu, Heikki Mäntymaa, Tuula Närhinen, Tuomo Rainio, Kai Rentola, Anna Mari Räsänen, Heli Sihvonen, Timo Vartiainen, Virpi Vesanen-Laukkanen and Kari Yli-Annala.
Emmi Martin, the primus motor of the impressive RikArt Collection at Rikhardinkatu Library in Helsinki, has kindly shared her expertise in the creation of this summer exhibition. The RikArt collection currently comprises more than 400 artist-made books including objects by artists on Harakka. More information on the RikArt Web Gallery at .
The artist's book is a living and constantly renewing form of art whose history can be traced all the way back to the earliest handmade books. Each livre d’artiste may explore the idea of a book or take the shape of a book, placing itself somewhere between visual art and literature, always providing a different and unique reading experience.
You are heartily welcome!
Harakka ry | Kirjatekoja exhibition team
Emmi Martin, expert on artists' books | Olof Kangas, visual artist |
Virpi Vesanen-Laukkanen, textile artist | Kristiina Lähde, poet
The exhibition has been financed by Arts Promotion Centre Finland / Arts Council of Uusimaa and The Finnish Cultural Foundation / Uusimaa Regional Fund.
Additional information:
A boat travels from the Ullanlinna (Café Ursula) pier in Kaivopuisto to the closeby islands of Harakka and Särkkä, appr. every half and full hour ( Please call the boat by raising a semaphore. Two-way ticket 4.50/2 euros.

HARAKKA ISLAND used to be a part of the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress and the Telegraph Cottage is one of the old buildings built in the late 19th century during the Russian era. The big stone building on top of the island was built in 1929 and used to be a chemical laboratory for the Finnish Army. Since 1989 it has been owned by the City of Helsinki and rented as studios to 30 artists that work on the island around the year. They travel to the island by rowing boat except between January and March when it is usually possible to walk via an ice path on the frozen sea. In addition to the Artists' House with studios, there is also a Nature House on Harakka - and a nature trail around the island.