Harakan Energia
Energy of Harakka Island

Exhibition on the island of Harakka 6.6. - 1.7.2012
The theme Energy connects the exhibitions and events organized by the nature center and the artists’ association of Harakka in 2012. The artists’ exhibition is open in June in the Telegraph, in ammunition cellar 4, ammunition cellar 2 and outdoors. The exhibition buzzes with the energy of the artists - Mari-energy, Pekka-energy, Osmo-energy, Anni-energy - encountering the energy of the island. The works produce movement energy; they consider the energy of the place, of birds and nature, the lack of energy, color- and rock-energy as well as bodily energy. The motto is “an artwork can have energy without moving anywhere”.
The artists presented in the exhibition are: Sirkku Ala-Harja, Annette Arlander, Aino Favén,
Iiris Hälli, Olof Kangas, Annu Kekäläinen, Osmo Kivimäki, Tero Kontinen,
Elina Koskimies, H.A. Kovalainen, Anni Leppälä, Pekka Luhta, Leena
Lukkarinen, Kristiina Lähde, Heikki Mäntymaa, Tuomo Rainio, Anna Mari
Räsänen, Virpi Vesanen-Laukkanen, Kari Yli-Annala.
A collection of writings “Harakkani” (My Harakka) is published in conjunction with the exhibition. It gathers together the memories of various people who have formed a personal relationship to Harakka Island. The island is seen as a cherished environment, entwined in many ways with the work and life of the ones working there.
The exhibition is open Tue – Fri noon to 5 pm, Sat – Sun noon to 4 pm. Closed during midsummer 22. - 24.6.